Is it safe to go to the dentist?

Is it safe to go to the dentist?
Advanced Dental Aesthetics
09, Feb 2021

It’s inevitable that dental patients are asking themselves, is it still safe to visit the dentist? Covid 19 has forced everyone, dentists and patients, to think about what the future of dentistry looks like and how to make dental practices safe places in the time of the Coronvirus.

At Advanced Dental Aesthetics in Southend, Essex, we thought it might be useful to answer all the questions you may have about what a Covid-safe dentist and dental practice looks like. Finding out what precautions dentists should take in order to keep their dental practices open is something our dental patients are keen to know about before booking a dental appointment.

Is your dental practice still open and operating normal hours?

Yes, we’re working as usual. Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm. We’re also open for private appointments on Saturdays but it’s best to call first as opening times vary on a Saturday.

Is your entire dental team back in the office now?

Yes, our team of expert dentists, nurses and support staff are all working as usual.

What would you say to a patient who’s worried about going back to the dentist?

Firstly, we’ve always maintained the very highest standards of hygiene and cross-infection control at Advanced Dental Aesthetics. We’ve now enhanced those infection controls and introduced new safety measures so our staff and patients are as safe as possible when they’re either providing or receiving emergency, mandatory or routine dental care.

Is there a new dental protocol you followed when reopening Advanced Dental Aesthetics?

We have new staff protocols, patient protocols, and practice protocols and adhere to all the latest government and BDA guidelines on dental practices opening during the Covidpandemic.

In light of COVID-19, what are the things you consider absolutely essential to change or upgrade in your dental practice to make it safe?

A good prescreening system and adherence to good infection control standards are a must.

What do I need to do before booking a dental appointment?

At Advanced Dental Aesthetics we’re now asking all our patients to book in advance and wear a mask. We’re asking all patients to complete a pre-screening Covid risk assessment and to arrive at the practice on time so we can limit the number patients in the practice at any given time. Finally, please bring as few belongings with you as possible and we ask all patients to keep their belongings with them throughout the duration of their visit.

What have you done to make your dental team and patients comfortable with the level of workplace safety in your practice?

We bought air-purification systems, extraoral vacuums and of course all staff wear the appropriate PPE. We’ve also installed plastic screens on our reception desks and ask everyone to maintain the right amount of social distancing. We also carry out twice-a-week testing on all our staff.

This is my first visit to the dentist since the pandemic started, what can I expect to see and experience?

You’ll have your temperature checked on arrival and our reception team will ask you some questions to ensure nothing has changed since your pre-screening risk assessment. You’ll be asked to clean your hands with disinfectant. We’re also encouraging all patients to visit the practice alone, where possible, and to use contactless payment at the end of the appointment.

What extra hygiene protocols have you introduced into the dental practice since Covid?

We’re deep cleaning our surgeries and associated areas more thoroughly and frequently and beyond what iscurrently recommended by the BDA. Cleaning and disinfection is carried out around appointments and throughout the day and we adhere to strict cleaning schedules and routines.

If you have any further questions on dental safety please contact us today.

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