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Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments we offer, it is as simple and affordable way to brighten your smile.

There are so many ways teeth can become discoloured, tobacco, tea, coffee, wine, coloured foods…and whitening toothpaste is useful but can only take you so far. For the best chance of showing off gleaming white teeth, a course of teeth whitening is your best bet.

There are different types of whitening available. After the initial consultation with your dentist, we will either provide you with a customized home-whitening kit to carry out the teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home, or suggest in-chair whitening carried out at the practice. A combination of both options is also possible, depending on your teeth type, budget and expectations.

Enlighten Whitening



Brighten your smile with Enlighten whitening. We are pleased to offer our patients the Enlighten system, which guarantees Vita shade B1 for every patient and long lasting whitening results with low sensitivity.

Using Enlighten the results are fantastic and long lasting with really simple maintenance. We will take accurate impressions and make the Enlighten whitening trays for you to wear for two weeks overnight at home. We provide you with the unique Enlighten desensitisers and Tooth Serum to make the whole process as comfortable as possible.

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